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"At the stroke of midnight, as soon as the patent expired, the first shipment was delivered on a cargo freighter, ready to be stocked on shelves."

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We Help Clients Bring Generic Pharmaceuticals to Market within 24 Hours of Patent Expiry

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Market leadership is your ultimate reward.

Generic Partners enables our clients to achieve business-expanding feats. Again and again.

A partnership with us could bring you outstanding outcomes in the marketplace:

  • Release a wider variety of products more quickly into more markets worldwide
  • Increase your market share, brand presence, sales volumes, cost savings and profits
  • Maximise out-licencing impact via established sales and distribution networks
  • Capitalise on our global presence in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and expansion into US and Asia


“Our strong network and distribution channels enable our clients to capture more market share more quickly.”

Shailesh Naik, Country Head - India

What we do

  • Accelerate your entry into new markets and new countries
  • Apply market intelligence to establish your retail presence successfully
  • Link you to strong distribution and marketing networks in new markets
  • Provide merchandising and marketing support

Product List - For instant access to our full product list available for outlicensing, contact us.


“We draw on all areas of expertise to get your products on the shelves as quickly as ingeniously and humanly possible.”

Shivanjali N., Supply Planner

Your reputation is our reputation, and we build ours by putting you first.

We advance our clients' success by ensuring a consistent flow of products onto retail shelves, and off the shelves as well to keep stocks fresh. We achieve this by having excellent strategies and systems for marketing, logistics and distribution in place to run things smoothly.

What we do

  • Supply high quality generic pharmaceuticals
  • Provide reliable supply for an assured period of time
  • Conduct meticulous logistics planning to accelerate time to market
  • Execute excellent project management to keep operations running smoothly
  • Overcome any challenges in logistics and distribution in a timely fashion

Success Stories

Generic anti-inflammatory hits the shelves 24 hours within after patent expiry

CHALLENGE - How do we accelerate our clients’ success by maximising their market presence and profitability—when the product development life cycle for a generic pharmaceutical product typically takes four to six years?

SOLUTION - Draw on global network and exercise strong capabilities at every stage of the supply chain - smart and timely patent strategy, stellar R&D, manufacturing prowess, and astute regulatory knowhow, as well as sound marketing strategies logistical clout and project management.

OUTCOME - At midnight on the day a patent expired, a container of our generic product standing by offshore was shipped into the country and the product hit the shelves within 24 hours.


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